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Tea Basics

Get to know what’s in your cup! Spend an hour with our knowledgeable staff as we run you through the basics of tea. In this class, we introduce participants to the five major varieties of tea and explore the differences between them. As we brew and taste our way around the world of tea, we will learn the different ways of processing the plant, more about the regions they are grown, best steeping practices, and the way that these factors affect the end product. This class is great for beginners or seasoned tea lovers looking to gain a little more insight into their favorite drink.


Tea Brewing Techniques

Join us for this interactive workshop that focuses on the practice of brewing your tea and extracting the best results from your leaves. Follow along with the pros at MEM as we learn various techniques of steeping using both modern and traditional tools. As we brew and evaluate samples of each major tea variety we will explore the differences that water, time, temperature, and teaware can have on what’s in your cup. By the end, you’ll have all the skills to effortlessly brew all of your favorites as well as confidently brew something unfamiliar for the best infusion.


Gong Fu Cha

No need to stare at a gaiwan, clay teapot, or a kyusu and wonder how to use it anymore. Gong Fu Cha style brewing can look intimidating but let us demystify it for you in our hands-on Tea 301 class where we’ll give you the confidence to brew ‘with patience and skill,’ and enjoy the most stylish methods of  steeping tea. So join us and step up your teatime!