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Hot Teas

Steeping recommendations for every tea can be found on your MEM Tea jar/canister labels. See Labels & Menus for more information.

Chai/Iced Tea Instructions

For detailed instructions, please see all instructions ...
   - Iced Tea Instructions & Chai Instructions - for customers using MEM Tea Funnel Method
   - Pour Over Method - for customers without coffee brewers, this allows for a manual version of the MEM Tea Funnel Method (see below)
   - Stove Top Instructions - for customers without coffee brewers, a stove top method is available
   - Cold Brew Instructions - for customers who are interested in cold brewing their iced tea


MEM Tea Funnel Brewing Method

For customers using a standard drip coffee brewer, we provide a specialized funnel with a restricter tip to allow for funnel brewing of both iced tea and chai. This process allows for brewing concentrates and is our recommended method.

For Programming Your Machine:
   - We do not recommend any pulsing or pre-wet
   - Time: 4.5 minutes
   - Volume: 1/2 gallon or 2 liters
   - Please label this button on your machine if possible as 'TEA.' This setting will be used for both iced tea and chai

Tip Cleaning & Tip Replacement
If you are using the MEM Tea Funnel Brewing Method, your MEM Tea provided funnel will have a restricter tip at the bottom of the funnel. Keeping this clean and intact is important for proper extraction.
To Clean: Simply soaking the funnel in Cafiza, Urnex, or Tea Clean (can be acquired from MEM Tea) during your regular deep cleans (at least monthly) will keep the tip working properly. If possible, unscrew the restricter tip from the funnel and soak separately. Do not damage the screen as it will no longer work properly.

If your tip and/or screen has become damaged, mangled, or crushed, please contact us for a replacement. Restricter tips can be urchased separately from MEM Tea - do not discard the funnel.


Shelf Life for Teas and Tea Concentrates

Loose leaf tea will typically last for 6 months to 1 year, as long as it is kept sealed and cool. The exceptions to this guideline are Darjeeling 1st Flushes, Matcha and Matcha Premium, and several of the MEM Select teas. Typically, the more delicate the tea, the faster it will fade and the shorter the shelf life.

To extend the shelf life of Matchas keep them in the fridge.

Brewed Iced Tea will typically last 1-3 days. Brewed Chai Tea typically lasts 3-5 days. Trust your palate and your eyes when checking the quality of brewed Iced Tea. Since some of the smaller tea particulates will remain in the brewed tea it will become more tannic/astringent over time.