In addition to the classes below we also host a Free Tea Tasting every Thursday from 12PM - 1PM.
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101: Tea Basics

This one hour seminar introduces participants to the five major varieties of tea. We will explain and taste the differences between white, green, oolong, black, and pu-erh teas. We will also learn the differences in the processing of the plant, the region and terroir they come from and the unique health benefits that each tea is known for.

201: Tea Brewing Technique

In this one hour workshop we will learn various techniques of tea brewing using modern and traditional tools. We will make and evaluate examples of each major tea variety, paying special attention to water, time, temperature, weight, and brewing equipment. Students will learn how to get to know new and unfamiliar teas and extend their tea making experience.

202 - Name That Taste

In this one hour workshop we will learn the difference between taste and flavor. Explore the differences between sweet, savory, salty, and bitter. Identify outside influences that affect our perception of flavor. Taste a variety of examples of flavors in nature and try to connect them to flavor profiles in tea.

Chai Deconstructed:
Blending the Perfect Cup

This workshop teaches the history and evolution of chai as well as traditional and modern preparations of the beverage. We will demonstrate and practice brewing the perfect cup of chai. Discover the ease of making your own chai recipe and leave with the spices and ingredients for reproducing your signature blend of chai at home.

Through Taiwan

Our October origin trip took us to the mountainous world of Taiwan, the land of oolong. Join us for a talk by Ian Tartasky (our Marketing Director) in which we’ll discuss Taiwanese culture and terrain, and how that directly influences the production of Taiwanese tea. All while tasting some of the extremely rare treasures that we smuggled back in our carry-ons.

Tea Lattes & Fogs

You don’t have to be a barista to make your own rich and delicious tea creations. With a few basic ingredients and some simple tools, we will prepare a number of nutritious and interesting tea beverages. A variety of teas, milks, sweeteners, and spices will be available to practice with.

Mushroom Tea Town
with Liat Racin from Tamim Teas

This workshop is packed with information on medicinal mushroom teas and how they can improve your health. We will discuss the most popular and researched species of healthful fungi, and traditional brews from cultures around the world. Sample our nutritious and delicious blends, and discover the ease of making medicinal mushroom teas for yourself at home.

Exploring the Tea of Japan
From Bancha to Matcha

In this workshop, we will explore the diversity that Japanese teas have to offer while learning some of the traditions, production methods and techniques of making the teas of Japan. We will practice traditional Gyokuro preparation using Kyushu teapots and experiment with ceremonial Matcha whisking techniques.

Matcha Workshop

Matcha is taking the west by storm. It’s brilliant color and intense flavor are gaining interest and momentum in local coffee shops and restaurants.. Taste an array of ceremonial matcha teas while learning traditional Japanese preparation as well as modern beverage applications.

Tea, Cheese, & Terroir

Explore an array of artisanal tea and cheese from around the world. Learn how processing and terroir effect flavor, texture, and aroma while enjoying complementary pairings of tea and cheese.

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