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Collaborative Series - Episode 3: Privateer Tea Cocktails w/ Jay Needleman - September 23rd - 1:00PM

  • MEM TEA Training Center & Tasting Room 196 Elm Street Cambridge, MA, 02140 United States (map)


How do you create cocktails with tea? Have you ever infused a spirit? Privateer is unsweetened, unfiltered, and all natural. To Privateer, the term "all natural" means unadulterated. When you buy large brand Rum or large brand Vodka, it will taste, look, and feel exactly the same, every bottle, every time, because they use the same flavorings, colorings, and mouthfeel agents every time. When you infuse tea into these large brand spirits, you'll taste the tea, the brand's flavorings, the brand's mouthfeel agents, and maybe the brand's coloring agents. When you infuse tea into Privateer, you get a unique experience every time without combating additives.

Come learn how Privateer is made and how to use MEM Tea with Privateer to make unique cocktails at home