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We taste tea from over two thousand farms each year to bring you the select few that meet our high standards. We hope the great care and pride we take in sourcing our tea is evident in every cup.
View our entire selection here. We also have a few top picks for teas to ice this summer here.

Our Top Iced Tea Picks for Summer

Getting from point A to point B during the summer heat can feel like traversing a dry, barren desert. Having a cold beverage in hand is an absolute must. Iced tea can be that perfect cup of hand-held refreshment. The following teas are our recommended picks for this summer.

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We offer a diverse spread of teaware from traditional to unorthodox so no matter what your style, you can find a way to steep that keeps you happy, healthy, and energized.
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If you're just a beginner we have a few classes just for you. 101: Tea Basics and 201: Tea Brewing Techniques cover any information and practice you will need to start drinking loose leaf tea like a pro. We will guide you through the basics of tea: What is it? What's the difference between black, green, white, oolong, and pu-erh teas? How is tea made? We will also teach you how to use more appropriate teaware for loose leaf teas and the techniques that allows you to explore the complexity of the leaf.
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We have an ever-evolving list of events for people who think of tea as more than a beverage. These classes cover specific tea regions, specific tea types, collaborations with other companies, origin sourcing trips, afternoon tea, and anything & everything tea.
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