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Multiple Locations - How to set up another location

In order to avoid billing/shipping issues, we require a separate New Customer Form for each new location. For a copy of the New Customer Form, contact your sales rep or MEM Tea - (617)627-9500 extension 1.

You are entitled to another Initial Order Tasting if you would like to offer a different tea program than previous locations.

If you want to keep everything the same, let us know and we will mock-up an initial invoice for your approval. Once we have your apporval and your desired delivery date - we are all set. Please plan at least 2 weeks of lead time for all initial orders.


New Order Person Policy

We try to maintain good records and great relation ships with the people responsible for ordering tea for our customers. Whether it is a new owner, the manager, or a new employee - we want to know who is ordering the tea so they are familiar with us and how we operate. If your tea order person has changed please let us know - We will send them some information about minimums, cut-off times, and other handy things to know about MEM Tea.


Current Wholesale Offerings

For the most current wholesale, iced tea, and tea latte offerings, please request a PDF from