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Mate is a South American tea made from the dried leaves of the Yerba Mate plant traditionally sipped through a straw from a small gourd. The beverage actually takes on many forms and is popular around the world for many reasons, but mostly the feeling achieved after consumption. Drinking mate increases mental energy and strengthens concentration, which is also followed by a nice body high. Many athletes drink mate before they perform as it will help them focus on their body’s increased output.

Our mates have been sourced specifically for brewing in a teapot, with the aim of good flavor and body. Their taste resembles wheatgrass with a nice strong vegetal quality, though it can be bitter if brewed at too high of a temperature.

While mate is not caffeinated, it does contain mateine, a mild stimulant related to caffeine.  It boosts mood, improves quality of sleep, and can even suppress appetite.