Sales Reviews & Sales Representatives

Staff trainings and sales reviews are included in the wholesale program when you use MEM Tea and we encourage you to utilize these services to get the most out of your program. Sales reviews involve pulling a report of the teas we have shipped to you in the last year or two and recommending changes to your tea program. Our sales team is always available to you to taste new teas, review your tea sales, or for any tea related questions. Click here to schedule a tasting and/or review.


Staff Trainings

Staff trainings are offered at no charge to wholesale customers. We strongly recommend at least one staff training every year.

Staff trainings can be scheduled Tuesday - Saturday, preferably between the hours of 2 and 7 PM. A standard training takes 1 hour. We can train at your location (for Greater Boston area customers) or you can come to our Training Center in Davis Square (recommended).

To set up a training with our Education Director, Suanne, contact our Training Center by calling 617-627-9500 ext 2, or click here.

Because we understand that getting your staff together can be difficult, we hold Tea 101 & 201 classes regularly at our Training Center. To view class availability, click here. Once a date has been chosen, please contact your sales rep to acquire tickets for your staff.