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Tasting Room Purchases, Policy for Wholesale Customers

When visiting the Tasting Room you may notice there are some teas that are not available to wholesale customers. If you are interested in purchasing these teas, you may do so at the retail shop at retail prices. These teas are not supported by our design department and we cannot provide labels or menus with this information.

Please note: Every Thursday, we hold a free Tea Tasting from 12 - 1 PM. You may pop-in and do not need to sign-up in advance. If you are interested in a longer, more comprehensive tea tasting, please contact your Sales Rep or speak to our Office Manager when you place your order.


Training Center Classes

We opened our Training Center and Tasting Room in Davis Square as a place for our wholesale customers to come and learn about tea. We also engage with your customers and teach them about tea in general, MEM Tea, and do our best to get them excited about your tea programs. We offer many different classes from a Tea 101 to specific limited workshops. All of the classes are available to you and your staff. Contact us to sign up.