Since our founding in 1999; MEM Tea Imports has specialized in sourcing, blending, and distributing high quality loose leaf teas and tea-ware for the food service industry, while providing ongoing comprehensive training for our customers. Our combined 80 years of experience in the Specialty Beverage Industry have allowed us to develop a successful system in which we work closely with our customers, custom tailoring food service friendly tea programs to enhance their continued success. From the very beginning, we have steadfastly believed that the quality of our products is dependent upon the effort we put into making them. This core philosophy applies to all that we do here – from sourcing artisanal orthodox processed single origin leaves, to cupping thousands of samples each year, to freshly grinding the spices that go into our award winning chais. Here at MEM we aim to supply passionate people with the most flavorful, healthy, and diverse third wave beverage. Through devoted education and creative collaboration we endeavor to inspire your connection to the original tree of life, tea.

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